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Trousers & Salopettes

These trousers and salopettes combine with our insulated jackets to form highly versatile suits for cold conditions.

  • New! At 130g (5oz), the Wafers are the lightest down trousers we've ever made.
  • The Xero items are the lightweight solution to protecting the lower half of the body in extreme cold. Well proven in polar regions and at high altitude.
  • Omega trousers and salopettes offer the added security of a sealed outer shell and extra down fill. More weight than the Xero, but more protection too.
  • The synthetic-filled Zeta trousers were designed as pure climbers pants for cold damp conditions, but they have also been proving their worth in Antarctica.
  • The Minimus lightweight down trousers can make cold camps a pleasure and help to boost the range of your ultralight sleeping bag well into the winter months
ProductImageTypical Operating Temperature (°C)Weight (Grams)Price
Omega Down Salopettes Omega Down Salopettes -55920 £407.00
Xero Down Salopettes Xero Down Salopettes -40850 £369.00
Omega Down Trousers Omega Down Trousers -55735 £340.00
Xero Down Trousers Xero Down Trousers -40660 £305.00
Zeta Trousers Zeta synthetic fill trousers -10660 £155.00
Minimus Down Trousers Minimus Down Trousers -5230 £166.00
Kappa Trousers (Primaloft) Kappa Primaloft Insulated Trousers -10475 £190.00
Wafer Down Trousers Wafer Down Trousers N/A130 £165.00