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Wafer Down Jacket

Down Quality: 900
Outer Fabric: 10X
Weight: 190g (7oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: 0°C (32°F)
Colour: Navy Blue
Construction: Stitch-through for lightness
Wafer Down Jacket
Wafer Down Jacket

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Wafers are the new ultralight down clothing from PHD. Real outdoor gear which will add a raft of choices to your gear selection. Jacket, Vest, Trousers, and Socks. Each of them the tiniest, lightest package we have ever made.

10X Fabric

We first came across 10 Denier fabric 8 years ago: breathtakingly light, but as fragile as tissue paper. Ultralight fabrics have developed a lot since & we have watched them, interested, but refusing to use any material which would not give service in an outdoor environment.

We are now introducing 10X, a 10 Denier ripstop in which we have gained confidence through our own outdoor testing. It's durable enough to let our new Wafer products take their place as genuine camp / bivvy clothing. This fabric is so light that it acts as the ideal shell for the lightest fill of PHD's superb downs.

9,000 metres of the yarn used to weave our 10X fabric weighs just 10g, that's about the same as a 1 coin!

A super-light jacket that offers much more in camp or bivvy than a fleece. It's lighter, warmer and windproof, as well as taking up one third as much space in your pack (you could squash twenty Wafer jackets into your 20 litre day-sac: try that with twenty fleeces!).

This is the ideal warmer for spring or autumn camping, when that cold little evening wind makes the sunny afternoon a distant memory. And if the night's a bit colder than you expected, keep the Wafer jacket on inside your bag: a definite booster, particularly if you've got the Wafer trousers on too.

  • Ideal companion in a cool camp, bothy, or hut.
  • Pack without noticing the weight (or the bulk).
  • Midlayer to boost warmth: warmer than a fleece weighing more than twice as much, and windproof too.
  • Add performance to your sleeping bag.
Wafer Down Jacket Compared
Weight (gm) Packed Bulk (
Wafer Jacket 190 880
Wool Sweater (av) 400 2400
Fleece (mid/light) 500 2600
Fleece (thick) 600 3600

Note: Fabrics as thin as 10X do not stand up well to direct abrasion, so we do not recommend our Wafer gear as actual climbing outerwear. But for all its thinness 10X is amazingly downproof and windproof and with reasonable care will go on giving you good service for years.

  • Outer & Inner fabric 10X
  • Pockets: 2 zipped hand-warmer pockets.
  • Full length front zip backed by under-baffle
  • Lycra edging on hem and cuffs
  • Stuff sac size 0 (10 x 18cm)
  • Optional stud on hood with Lycra edging: (Adds 30 grms) +30.00.

"PHD's super-lightweight Wafer Down Jacket is a third less bulky than a fleece, offering superior standby warmth without taking up the space". Wanderlust Magazine.