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Minim 400 Down Sleeping Bag

Down Quality: 800
Outer Fabric: M1 Microfibre
Weight: 670g (24oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: -5°C (23°F)
Colour: Red (with Drishell blue; with MX black)
Construction: Boxed with straight-wall baffles

Available Options:


Options explained

Further Information

Now available in Slim, Wide, and Extra Wide Widths and Extra Long length!

We've just made this bag available in these new sizes to accommodate heights up to 7 foot (213 cm) and chests up to 56 inches (142 cm). See 'sizing' tab above for more information.

"As a veteran of 14 Karrimor mountain marathons I have found nothing to beat the Minim 400 Down sleeping bag." John D.

No zip, no side-block baffles, no compromise– the nearest thing you can get to carrying just the down. The Minim 400 down sleeping bag was described by TGO Magazine in a test of Down bags as being "Ideal for lightweight backpacking and mountain marathons".

MX outer option

The option of MX outers is now available on all our Minim bags. This reduces the total weight of each bag by about 30gm (1oz). For more on this new fabric see our technical briefing.

Backpacking Light - Recommended

Backpacking Light

Need this bag faster? Checkout the 'Ready Made' version, which ships within 3 working days.

  • Small box spacing to minimise down shift
  • Oval foot-piece
  • Inner: MX Microfibre
  • Hood with draw-cord
  • Stuff sac
  • Pack size: 17 x 28cm 
  • Set options
    • MX Outer
    • Drishell Outer
    • Full length zip (left or right)
    • Slim, Wide and Extra Wide width fittings.
    • Short, Long and Extra Long lengths.

In addition to the standard options you can customize this bag further. Find out how.

Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the bag to the tightest minimum. What air is left in the packed item will easily be compressed out of it, if you are squashing it into a small space in your rucksack. Tiny stuff sacs look impressive: but unless you are a sac-wrestling fan, fighting the gear into them day after day can be an unnecessary chore.

Backpacking Light - Recommended

"The Minim 400 matches Backpacking Light's ultralight principles and earns our Recommended rating based on its simplicity, minimal weight, and high warmth-to-weight ratio. It's especially suited for ultralight backpacking situations when getting the most warmth with the least weight is the most important consideration and when too-warm night time temperatures are not an issue, i.e. when no ventilation features are needed." Janet Reichl, Backpacking Light review

"My minim 400 sleeping bag did an excellent job of keeping me warm in sub-zero temperatures in Scotland this March, even though I was just sleeping under a basha. Peter Hutchinson Designs is certainly my manufacturer of choice for down-filled sleeping bags and clothing." Dr. Richard Tofts

"I have recently returned from successful completion of Marathon des Sables. Have to say I loved my Minim 400 sleeping bag, great design, incredibly lightweight. I hate being cold and was worried about getting a good nights sleep in the desert - my PHD was like a comfort blanket, slept well at just the right temperature (used a silk liner also but then I really don't like the cold!). Can thoroughly recommend." Michaela McCallum

"I have had a minim 400 and love it, probably one of the best investments I have made in gear." Jason Pryke

"[The Minim 400] is an absolute delight. It's extremely light and has no zip, so it's fail-safe. Most importantly, it packs down to a tiny size. This is the nearest you can get to carrying just the 800-fill power-down filling" Geographical Magazine

"I would like to thank you for my Minim 400's performance, used it twice so far at -4C, no base layers etc, fabulous backpacking bag for winter" S.B.

"The Minim 400 sleeping bag is the dog's *******s!" D.D.

"I have just returned from working as an International Mountain Leader in Patagonia with a group from Chelmsford Girls School for Bull Expeditions. This is possibly a first in winter for this type of trip in the Torres del Paine massif. We had night time temperatures of -18C. I took a Minim 400 and was toasty warm in it; I did keep my hat on and a pair of down bootees. I would like to thank you for a great lightweight product that does the job I ask of it." Stuart Smith

[Editor's note: Stuart is obviously a hardy sleeper! We don't normally recommend the Minim 400 for these conditions]

"I used the Minim 400 for the last three weeks in the Alps while climbing and I am very satisfied. Awesome quality even when using it for a bivy in bad conditions and snowed under." Stefan Pinckney

"My main backpacking bag for 2 years on long distance trips--sleeping in a bivi bag in the UK (a tough test). It is unbeatable for warmth to weight, packs tiny, keeps me very warm (I feel the cold) and dries easily from slightly damp bivi nights. Unbeatable!" G.M.

"I'm very impressed . . . down leakage . . . has been substantially lower than . . . products . . . by other manufacturers . . . I took the bag out for a test in the hills recently. I'm certainly glad I specced a zip on the bag, as it's so warm I needed it! Nice and lightweight, and wonderfully warm. I've recommended you to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so." S.C.

"Many thanks for sending the Minim 400 in time for the Original Mountain Marathon. My wife was full of admiration for the bag―she said it was perfect for the conditions."M.M.

"As a veteran of 14 Karrimor mountain marathons I have found nothing to beat the Minim 400 Down sleeping bag." John D.

"I . . . have a minim 400 which is superb." J.S.

"I've got one of your minim 400 bags and like it very much having used it several times on Scottish 3-season trips". S.A.

"Thanks again for . . . the sleeping bag and [the] help I received from your staff in picking the right bag. The Minim 400 was both light and very warm - just the thing for a multi-day event with desert nights [the Marathon des Sables - ed]". Dr Ben Edwards, Senior lecturer, Research Institute for Sport, Liverpool John Moores University

"I have been very impressed with the Minim 400 bag you made for me (although your -5 deg C rating for the bag is far too conservative!)" N.J.

"A compliment rather than an enquiry. I took part in the KIMM at the weekend using a Minim 400 bag. Sub-zero temperatures at the overnight camp with icicles on the tents and many competitors complaining of the cold. I was too hot! So warm, so light. Thank you." P.C.

"My Minimus 400 bag arrived perfectly. I tested it last week and am very happy. The bag performed very well over a large range of temperatures. For example I used the bag during a 12 deg C night, had a good night's sleep and found the bag very breathable. Subsequently, in the field, at 0 deg C, with a strong wind and under just a tarp (no tent) the bag was warm, and I had great night of sleep. Fantastic! Your PHD Minimus 400 is now my number one bag, and I have some good bags, including SW Ultralight and Marmot Hydrogen. Congratulations you make a fantastic piece of gear." Eduardo Lartigau, Brazil.


Width Chest
Slim 78 - 92cm (31" - 36")
Standard 93-107cm (37" - 42")
Wide 108-125cm (43" - 49")
Extra Wide 126-142cm (50" - 56")
Sizes and Weights

The given weight for this bag assumes standard length and width. Choosing different width and / or length options will change the bag's weight in these ways:

Length / Width Option % Weight Change
Long +9%
Extra Long +15%
Short -7%
Slim -7%
Wide +10%
Extra Wide +19%

Note: these figures are approximate and assume no zip. Adding a full length zip adds 120g.