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Minimus Down Sleeping Bag

Down Quality: 800
Outer Fabric: M1 Microfibre (MX as option)
Weight: 465g (16oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: +5°C (41°F)
Colour: Red (with Drishell gold or blue; with MX black)
Construction: Boxed with straight-wall baffles
Minimus Down Sleeping Bag
Minimus Down Sleeping Bag

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Now available in Slim, Wide, and Extra Wide Widths and Extra Long length!

We've just made this bag available in these new sizes to accommodate heights up to 7 foot (213 cm) and chests up to 56 inches (142 cm). See 'sizing' tab above for more information.

This is the ultimate down sleeping bag when saving weight is essential: for marathons, as a just-in case back-up item, for bivouacs planned and unplanned, for flexible extra warmth on expeditions, or just for the luxury of carrying a really light pack.

Bag shown in Drishell

"I have just completed a TGO Challenge, coast-to-coast, crossing Scotland with my Minimus bag. The bag performed superbly, easily coping with temperatures that were nudging towards zero. A very impressive - and very light - piece of kit. Thanks a lot." Andy Howell.

The combination of M1 or MX outer fabric and rare 800 fill-power down give the sleeping bag true 'marathon' capability. To keep it light it has been stripped down to the simple essentials for performance: there's no collar, no zip, no side block baffles. Box walls eliminate the cold lines of a stitch-through, but they're kept very small to save weight, while the box spacing is narrow to ensure good down control.

The Minimus is a single purpose down sleeping bag, effective warmth at the least possible weight. It has tested significantly warmer than several down bags rated at 0C or below: realistically usage at this temperature is recommended for the dedicated 'lightpacker' or the hardy. Packed size is predictably tiny, 13 cm diameter x 21cm high.

900 down option

This option reduces the weight of the standard Minimus by 40gm, whilst keeping the bag's temperature rating the same. Read more on our exceptional 900 down.

MX outer option

MX outers are available on all our Minim bags. This reduces the total weight of each bag by about 30gm (1oz). For more on this fabric see our technical briefing.

'Best in Test', Trail Running Magazine, Super light sleeping bags test

Need this bag faster? Checkout the 'Ready Made' version, which ships within 3 working days.

  • Small box spacing to minimise down shift
  • Oval foot-piece
  • Inner: MX Microfibre
  • Hood with draw-cord
  • Stuff sac
  • Packed size: 13 cm x 21cm*
  • Set options:
    • 900 down (same insulation: 40gm lighter)
    • Drishell outer
    • MX Outer
    • Full length zip
    • Short zip
    • Slim, Wide and Extra Wide width fittings.
    • Short, Long, and Extra Long lengths.

In addition to the standard options you can customize this bag further. Find out how.

*Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the bag to the tightest minimum. What air is left in the packed item will easily be compressed out of it, if you are squashing it into a small space in your rucksack. Tiny stuff sacs look impressive: but unless you are a sac-wrestling fan, fighting the gear into them day after day can be an unnecessary chore.

"Over the past twenty five years have tried and tested many bags but as yet I can honestly say, have not found a more comfortable bag." Jeremy Hastings, Islay Bushcraft.

"Some winter climbers venturing into the high mountains may want the extra mental and physical comfort of a sleeping bag . . . [and] super lightweight bags are the way forward. Bags light PHD's Minimus . . . [is] perfect for this kind of thing." Andy Kirkpatrick

"I wanted to thank you for super-quick service in supplying me with my Minimus sleeping bag in time for the OMM, despite me ringing up only 3 days beforehand. You even modified the one you had in stock to add a zip! Amazing responsiveness and very helpful and friendly customer service. The bag itself performed brilliantly on a very wet and windy Scottish night on the OMM, and I look forward to using it next time". Bill Welch

"I have just completed a TGO Challenge, coast-to-coast, crossing Scotland with my Minimus bag. The bag performed superbly, easily coping with temperatures that were nudging towards zero. A very impressive - and very light - piece of kit. Thanks a lot." Andy Howell.

"I used my PHD Minimus Down Sleeping Bag. I was very impressed with the bag's versatility - whatever conditions I used it in, I was always comfortable. And of course the lightness and compactness are a great help when packing your rucksack for a multi-day outing." Robin Jones - Imperial College Reru Valley Expedition (Zanskar Himalaya, India).

"Proud owner of a Minimus bag for several years now. Used on various mountain marathons and last May on the TGO Challenge . . . comfortable every night including several above the snowline at 700m. Fantastic piece of gear". M.B.

"Just to say thanks for another comfortable night in my Minimus bag. Did the KIMM with it last weekend, and woke in the morning to thick ice on a nearby pond, but still warm. Fantastic warmth to weight ratio!" R.P.

"Both the [Minimus] sleeping bag and [Minimus] vest are of superb quality and great value for money, wouldn't change them for anything, thanks for great products". R.M.

"Again, thanks for a top product which is a great match for my needs. Not only lightweight but low volume in the pack and plenty warm."

"The Minimus has been/is a terrific bag. I feature the bag when I do training for the Appalachian Mountain Club and for REI. Even though I get pro-deals on equipment working at REI....I can't help but buy the best designs! Nice work." C.K.

"I took it on a 9 day trip . . . on a section of the Great Divide Trail. . . Coldest temp was 0 and with sleeping gear on I was just warm enough. Size and weight made it a good value for a summer bag for the Canadian Rockies . . . I will definitely continue to make a part of my regular summer gear." T.B.

"[Your] Minimus is such an excellent product and will be ideal for my Great Divide race . . . the longest unsupported mountain bike race in the world." Bruce Dinsmore.

"I have been extremely impressed with this bag especially its lightness [it] was the envy of everyone [during the Marathon des Sables]. I can can highly recommend this sleeping bag, I wish I'd had one years ago." Mary Hawarth.

"I've just received a Minimus sleeping bag which I'm delighted with!" Suze

"thank you for . . . my Minimus sleeping bag. . . it is a very good product with an after sales service to envy. Rest assured I will let all my friends and colleagues know the quality of your company. Thanks again". P.T.


Width Chest
Slim 78 - 92cm (31" - 36")
Standard 93-107cm (37" - 42")
Wide 108-125cm (43" - 49")
Extra Wide 126-142cm (50" - 56")
Sizes and Weights

The given weight for this bag assumes standard length and width. Choosing different width and / or length options will change the bag's weight in these ways:

Length / Width Option % Weight Change
Long +9%
Extra Long +15%
Short -7%
Slim -7%
Wide +10%
Extra Wide +19%

Note: these figures are approximate and assume no zip. Adding a full length zip adds 120g and a short zip 55g.