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Minim Ultra Down Sleeping Bag

Down Quality: 900
Outer Fabric: MX
Weight: 345g (12oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: +8°C (46°F)
Colour: Black
Construction: Boxed-wall (no stitch through seams)
Ultra Sleeping Bag
Ultra Sleeping Bag

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Now available in Slim, Wide, and Extra Wide Widths and Extra Long length!

We've just made this bag available in these new sizes to accommodate heights up to 7 foot (213 cm) and chests up to 56 inches (142 cm). See 'sizing' tab above for more information.

"This might even be the lightest down bag I've seen . . . unfeasibly small." Peter Macfarlane @

The Minim Ultra down sleeping bag is PHD's lightest ever. Now with our exceptional 900 down and MX fabric inner and outer this full down bag weighs in at a mere 345gm (12oz) summer marathon competitors and extra-keen backpackers take note.

Need this bag faster? Checkout the 'Ready Made' version, which ships within 3 working days.

  • Oval foot-piece
  • Open hood and stretch draw-cord
  • Stuff sac
  • Pack size: 13 x 21 cm*
  • Set option:
    • Short zip (left)
    • Slim, Wide and Extra Wide width fittings.
    • Short, Long, and Extra Long lengths.

*Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the bag to the tightest minimum. What air is left in the packed item will easily be compressed out of it, if you are squashing it into a small space in your rucksack. Tiny stuff sacs look impressive: but unless you are a sac-wrestling fan, fighting the gear into them day after day can be an unnecessary chore.

"This is the smallest-packing, quality down sleeping bag I've seen. It fits into a jacket pocket. I've been as warm in this as I have been in bags twice the weight." Trail Magazine.

"I would, without a doubt, use the PHD Minim Ultra again. Quite simply, I don't think there's a better bag on the market for warm weather stage racing." Bryon Powell -- member of 1st American team to place in top 3 of the Marathon des Sables.

"The bag was great for Marathon des Sables and I was 8th overall and the best finish ever by an American (or English speaker from what I hear). Anyhow, I loved the bag and will recommend it." Michale Wardian.

"Just to let you know that I finished the Marathon des Sables. As you know i bought your Minim Ultra down sleeping bag, which was for sure the lightest in the whole race !!! and also during the nights i never feel cold !!! IT IS THE BEST PRODUCT I COULD EVER BOUGHT !!!! One more time ! THANKS THANKS THANKS.... YOU ARE THE BEST !!!"Miguel Vingardi

"I'm now in the Pyrenees, hiking between the Pic d'Anie and the Breche de Roland. Your bag is keeping me wonderfully warm - such excellent quality at less than 500g is the envy of all my hiking companions!" Deb R.

"A quick note to say how impressive my Minim Ultra was in the Sahara on this year's Marathon des Sables. Quite simply the best piece of kit I've ever bought. Temperature with wind got below 5 Celsius and the bag handled it so well that I slept in the buff every-night! Many, many thanks." Ben Buckle

"What a pleasure; perfect weight, texture, size, color. Really what I was looking for. Nothing more nothing less." Dominique P.

"I have a Minim Ultra bag. With this very nice piece of gear my rucksack was only 7.5 kg during a Summer Mountain Leader Assessment 3-days expedition. My assessors (Plas Y Brenin) were very impressed." Dmitri Nikolaev.

"Seriously, this is the lightest bag I have, it might even be the lightest down bag I've seen at 345g . . . The down itself is very soft indeed, almost textureless... This super fine down plus the light and flexible MX fabric used on both items make the pack size unfeasibly small. The stuff sack for the bag takes my hand and wrist and that's it" PTC @

"Just bought the Minim Ultra [bag], used it for standard camping on Jura at the weekend, and will be bivvying with it on Skye next week. Initial impressions are that I'm seriously impressed with the weight and pack size, and it feels remarkably warm, thick and snug considering the puny weight of 345g. Definitely one to consider if buying [an adventure] race bag, that's exactly the reason i got it!". Dave Wilby on forum

"I recently ordered a Minim Ultra sleeping bag from you. I received it on Saturday. It really is incredibly light and warm." Jim Burton

"Awesome." Geoff Stone

"Just wanted to say thank you for sending me my Minim Ultra sleeping bag so quickly. It saved me a huge amount of weight for this weekend's LAMM (nearly 300g over my current lightweight bag), and kept me toasty and warm for a great night's sleep. Result: we finished 21st in the D class - a massive improvement on last year's 75th place!" Sue Rowlands


Width Chest
Slim 78 - 92cm (31" - 36")
Standard 93-107cm (37" - 42")
Wide 108-125cm (43" - 49")
Extra Wide 126-142cm (50" - 56")
Sizes and Weights

The given weight for this bag assumes standard length and width. Choosing different width and / or length options will change the bag's weight in these ways:

Length / Width Option % Weight Change
Long +9%
Extra Long +15%
Short -7%
Slim -7%
Wide +10%
Extra Wide +19%

Note: these figures are approximate and assume no zip. Adding a short zip adds 55g.