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Scottish Winter with Petesy

Petesy says:

" ... the Minim (Ultra) was great in summer ... the Overbag+Minim has been a revelation ... I think it's good to look at the two bags as a system and as individual bits of kit. That way it does kinda cover the whole year."

Technical note: The Minim Ultra K bag is rated at +8°C and the Minim Overbag by itself at -5°C. That’s already a choice of two bags for quite different camping trips. Put them together and you’ve got the sleeping gear for nights right down to -15°C. 

And if you want to increase the range and versatility of these two bags even further, link in any of PHD's ultralight down clothing. For example, Minimus clothing would extend the performance down to -25°C.

Petesy on using a PHD Sleep System:

I've only used this bag a handful of times, but it's been in conditions difficult enough that I feel I've got a handle on it.

The Overbag is basically a slightly looser cut down bag that fits over regular PHD lightweight bags. I've been using it with the Minim Ultra 900 (featured in the current Trail as my ultimate lightweight sleeping bag) that was sent for test in the summer where I found it spookily warm for its weight.

The fit is very good, no crushing of the inner bag and the hoods line up well. Both bags have standard box wall construction and the loft is very good. There's nothing quite like returning to a tent in foul weather to see a fat sausage of fully lofted down waiting for you.

The fabrics are all excellent, the Drishell used on the Overbag outer is very good indeed. Water resistant enough to cope with spills, drips and a user daft enough to keep dragging snow into the tent.

Using PHD gear has been a voyage of discovery for me, lighter than anything else I've used, more basic than anything I'd been used to. There seemed to be a danger that I'd prove the lightweight doubters correct and shiver through nights of tears, snotters and suffering on the tops.

But the Minim was great in summer, and as reported recently, the Overbag+Minim has been a revelation. Warm enough for me to abandon all clothing bar my coating of 190 weight merino, and although slim cut, I don't feel restricted in it. The two bags interact very well, there is no sensation of multiple layers, moving from my right side to my left both bags move together and I haven't had the nightmare scenario of the inner bag revolving right round and leaving me trapped inside like a bug in a cocoon.

The closures are simple, an opening with a drawcord, but having two gives venting options and I've always managed to find a comfortable balance. From open full when waking up roasting as the temperature outside climbed towards zero, to cinching everything in and pretending that the weather outside isn't real.

One concern was that the gap between the two bags would be a dew point, would get wet and screw it all up, but the combination of accurate measuring from PHD and the fabrics used means that hasn't happened. The two bags feel like one, but it's somehow cosier. I dare say it's one of those things that you have to try, but I have to say I have been warm, comfortable even delighted using these bags.

Some folk might baulk at the idea of carrying two bags, but the Minim (Ultra) fits in your pocket and where else will you get that much boost to your comfort for the weight? I'm happy enough to carry both on cold camps.

I think it's good to look at the two bags as a system and as individual bits of kit. That way it does kinda cover the whole year.

Scottish Winter with Petesy
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