Minim 600 Down Sleeping Bag

Minimalist design cuts weight, but not warmth. For winter camping, high treks, or base camps.
Typical Operating Temperature
Guideline minimum temperature. Sleeping Bag TOT: you should get a night’s sleep, under normal circumstances. Clothing TOT: you should feel warm enough, assuming low/moderate activity. Sleep System TOT: relates to full system. For more details, see our Technical Briefing.
-16°C / 3.2°F
For clothing, weight is for size: M. For sleeping bags, weight changes with selected length/width. N.B. there may be some variation in the weights of finished products.
900g / 32oz
Minim 600 Down Sleeping Bag

I slept in a Minim 600 which was perfect for our conditions, it's incredibly light.
Dominic Southgate - Imperial College Reru Valley Expedition (Zanskar Himalaya, India).



  • Exceptional 900 fillpower European Goose Down
  • Lightweight M1 outer fabric
  • Superlight MX inner fabric
  • Box-wall construction for max loft
  • Hood draws up close around head
  • Packed size: 20 cm x 34cm*
  • Footpiece: Ovoid shape to fit naturally to feet & avoid pressure; multibox section covers whole foot area
  • Straight-wall baffles for lightness
  • Stuff-sac & mesh storage bag supplied
  • Colour: Red
  • Set options:
    • Water-resistant Drishell or Superlight MX outer fabrics
    • Long zip (protected by single draft tube)
    • Slim, Wide and Extra Wide widths†
    • Short, Long, and Extra Long lengths†

*Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the bag to the tightest minimum.

†Please note: For all length and width options we change the amount of downfill to keep the warmth (TOT) the same.


The Minim 600 down sleeping bag has a simple hood and a wider differential cut. Apart from that it is like all the Minim range, no zip, no side-block baffles, no compromise – the nearest thing you can get to carrying just the down.

Picture shows Minim 400. Minim 600 is thicker.

Water-resistant Drishell outer fabric (weight: 54 gsm)

Ripstop nylon with an ultralight coating: achieves total windblock, along with high breathability and superior water resistance. Superbly efficient for a very light overall fabric weight.

Lightweight M1 fabric (weight: 39 gsm)

Lightweight silky microfibre. This close-weave 20 denier fabric is fully downproof, but also light and flexible enough to allow the down full loft. A reliable performer that has been the basis for much of our lightweight gear for some time.

Superlight MX fabric (weight: 32 gsm)

A mini-ripstop nylon with excellent tear strength, MX is the pick of the superfine 15 denier downproof materials. We have tested lighter fabrics, but most have had significant drawbacks, while our confidence in MX is based on several years of extensive use in both our ultralight and our high mountain gear.

Sleeping bag zips

  • No zip: The standard design on our lightest bags with open hoods. The simplest/lightest system which is a must for adventure racers. Up to 140gm (5oz) lighter than a full zip with draft tube.
  • Full zips: Full zip bags ventilate well, so they can be used over a wider range of temperatures.
  • Short zips: Short zips are lighter and pack smaller than full zips. A short zip & draft tube is up to 85gm (3oz) lighter than the full version.
  • Our full briefing on sleeping bag zips.

900 Fillpower Down

European goose down of very high quality. A truly excellent down with large clusters, consistent quality and lively long-term performance. More on our down insulation.


This bag has an insulating straight wall baffle system throughout (no straight-through stitching). Straight wall is the lightest of all baffle sytems. In cross section it looks like this:

More on sleeping bag construction.

"I slept in a Minim 600 which was perfect for our conditions, it's incredibly light, was warm down to -15C and the drawstring closure was surprisingly easy to get in and out!"
Dominic Southgate - Imperial College Reru Valley Expedition (Zanskar Himalaya, India).

"Have just completed several days camping at 3000m+ in Spain's Sierra Nevada. My minim 600 was excellent and kept me warm in the most extreme conditions (-15 degrees one night). It also kept me snug on the Patagonian ice-cap last November. We recommend your gear to all our clients. Many thanks."
Jane, Spanish Highs Mountain Guides.

"Very pleased with the Minim 600. It has been absolutely brilliant, incredibly warm for the weight and still lofting beautifully, thank you."
Clare Francis.

"Last year I purchased a Minim 600 ... with the dri-shell outer for the West Ridge of Mount Hunter [Alaska] & I am glad to report that I found the bag to be warm enough for that route ... I have to say that I was very impressed with the performance of the bag ... I suffered much less than my mate in an equivalent weight Macpac bag which had him shivering a bit!"
Andrew Saxby.

"The Minim 600 was superb in the Atlas mountains ... I really like the bag's simplicity, the lack of unnecessary clutter such as zips - and of course the lightness and size were much appreciated on 3 weeks of quite tough trekking. There's more room in it than I thought and the enlarged foot (thank you) was very much appreciated. I'm looking forward to using it in more demanding conditions. We did not need the drishell in the event, but as we slept under the stars on almost every night, it was good to know that all would not be lost if it started to rain. Keep up the good work!"

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