Desert Race Stuff Sac

Race specific Stuff Sac with attachment points to strap to the outside of a rucksack.
For clothing, weight is for size: M. For sleeping bags, weight changes with selected length/width. N.B. there may be some variation in the weights of finished products.
20g / 1oz
Race stuff sac with daisy chain webbing


  • Sheer-light 7X fabric
  • Webbing daisy chain along two sides
  • Cordloc closure
  • Packed size 10 x 36cm
  • Volume 2.8L


Designed specifically for desert racing. From the legendary Saharan Marathon des Sables to the Kalahari’s KAEM, and the growing number of events in the Gobi, the Atacama, the Australian interior and all around the world.

At the start of a desert race, your rucksack will be at full capacity, and so many runners will strap their sleeping bags to the outside. The Desert Race Stuff Sac is longer and thinner than our regular stuff sacs and has webbing daisy chain loops along two sides to help secure this precious load.

Big enough to carry these sleeping bags:
  • M.Degree 100
  • M.Degree 200
  • M.Degree 300
  • Desert Race Half Bag

Ultralight 7X fabric (weight: 22 gsm)

7X is our new sheer-light 7 denier fabric. An exquisitely fine rip-stop nylon, 7X is incredibly light, highly wind-resistant and has first-rate down proofing. This fabric helps us create the very lightest of gear in the PHD range. Of course the lighter the fabric the lighter the sleeping bag or down clothing, and the less space it takes up in your rucksack. This fabric is so light it actually helps to allow even greater lofting of the down too.

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