Waterproof shells now an option on ALL our bags

Using our lightest-ever waterproof fabric, Dri-LX

Driving rain when you’re under a tarp; a dripping ceiling inside a snow cave; wet gear and condensation in a tent can all compromise the performance of your sleeping bag.

We’ve always offered optional, fully-taped waterproof outer shells on some of our sleeping bags. However, now we’re:

  • Offering a fully-taped waterproof outer shell as option on ALL our sleeping bags
  • Offering that option in our new, lightest-ever waterproof fabric, Dri-LX

The full-taped waterproof outer shells are available in four colours of Dri-LX: Red, Green, White & Black

Protect your bag from moisture when overnighting without a tent: bivvying, under a tarp, in a snow-hole.

You can’t buy half a waterproof bivvy-bag ... but you can now buy a waterproof half-bag!

All our half bags can now also be ordered with a fully-taped waterproof shell, very reassuring if the weather turns on a planned or unplanned bivvy.

Keeping Rosie warm and dry en route to Kathmandu

Rosie Swale-Pope is taking a Dri-LX covered Hispar 1000 Down Sleeping Bag to use inside ‘Ice Chick’ (her tent on wheels) as she runs from the UK to Kathmandu via Russia. Condensation and wet gear are a constant problem inside the Ice Chick, so a waterproof Dri-LX shell is a must for Rosie’s sleeping bag.

Waterproof the sleeping bag you already have

Our Snowline Bivvy Bag is excellent way to add a waterproof shell to the sleeping bag you already have. Not only will it keep your bag dry, it will also increase your bag's warmth by 7°C. Made using fully-taped Dri-LX and Primaloft Gold, the Snowline bivvy is also a 15°C sleeping bag in its own right. Photo: Dr Mark Hines.

Dri-LX: A fabric light and tough enough for K2’s first winter summit

At just 64gsm, Dri-LX is our lightest 2-layer breathable waterproof rip-stop nylon fabric. Its remarkably low weight not only makes for a lighter load, but also reduces pack size. Its excellent waterproofing qualities are in part due to how it can be taped at the seams to create a waterproof shell for sleeping bags (and clothing). Tough enough for the highest mountains in the world, Mingma David Sherpa used a PHD down suit made in Dri-LX on the first winter ascent of K2.