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Lightweight warmth where it really matters

21 Mar 2018
We like lightness and warmth. You like lightness and warmth. Particularly at the South Pole.

Carl Alvey on expedition at the South Pole

When Carl Alvey came back from guiding a 57-day ski expedition to the South Pole, he very kindly got in touch to tell us about the Hispar 600K and Hispar Overbag he took with him:

The system of having 2 bags that give you 3 sleeping options is great, most of the time on the big ski trips with 24 sunlight the tent gets really warm and I am spending most nights in just the overbag, when you get up high and it get colder I am using the main bag, and then on very few nights when it’s cloudy I have to use both bags. The weight is also really important as I am going to be pulling these bags for at least 50 days so having the lightest possible system really helps.

You needn’t be heading for the South Pole to take advantage though! We can help you put a system together, wherever you’re going.

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Having the lightest possible system really helps.
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