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Desert Race Collection 2019

Designed specifically for desert racing: from the legendary Saharan Marathon des Sables to the Kalahari’s KAEM, & the growing number of events in the Gobi, the Atacama, the Australian interior & all around the world. Sweltering 40°C race days can give way to 4°C nights in which warmth, sleep, and recovery play a vital part in preparation for the next day’s challenge. Our design principle of “minimum weight for maximum warmth” has been the cornerstone in developing this collection to meet these needs, whether for hardy elite competitors or those that simply want to get to the finish. Only available until 31st March.

The Desert Racing Triobag
An innovative bag with a unique, ultralight middle layer stitched in for temperature control. Sleep under or on top of the mid-layer for greater comfort in a wide range of temperatures.
from £568.00
Desert Race 'Sleep System' Combo Package
Desert Race half-length sleeping bag & Down Pullover combination at 10% discount
from £531.00
Desert Race Halfbag
A superlight half-length sleeping bag. With extension tube to protect against dust & wind.
from £265.00
Desert Race Stuff Sac
Race specific Stuff Sac with attachment points to strap to the outside of a rucksack.
from £12.00
Desert Race Pullover
An ultralightweight Down Pullover with added warmth for sleeping in. Uses our lightest-ever fabric, '7X'.
from £325.00
Desert Race One
The lightest of our Desert Race down sleeping bags for those looking to shave every gram
from £359.00
Desert Race Two
The most popular of our Desert Race down sleeping bags. Maximum warmth/weight ratio & tiny pack size
from £399.00
Desert Race Three
The warmest of our 3 Desert Race down sleeping bags for extra comfort on cold desert nights
from £434.00