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Design Your Own

Work with world-class materials to create your personal down jacket, choosing the features that fit your plans & the sizing that fits you. Over 50,000 choices, starting with these 4 base jackets.

Ladakh Down Jacket
Design Your Own exceptionally lightweight, hip-length jacket for fast-moving sports. Blends minimalist design with high functional performance.
from £267.00
Toubkal Down Jacket
Light weight for low temperatures. Design your own mid-length jacket for a winter race, circuit trek or mountain summit.
from £295.00
Svalbard Down Jacket
A full length jacket for technically demanding activities in rugged mountain regions. Summiting in the Andes or traversing an icecap, design the Svalbard the way you'll need it to be.
from £517.00
Denali Down Jacket
Customise this full length jacket for big mountains and Polar expeditions. Designed for the harshest conditions in the world.
from £600.00