Down Blanket

Hugely versatile: a blanket, a 'filler' bag, a half-bag, and a poncho. Four down items in one.
For clothing, weight is for size: M. For sleeping bags, weight changes with selected length/width. N.B. there may be some variation in the weights of finished products.
190g / 7oz
Down blanket in blanket mode
"It performed superbly. It really can be any item of clothing you want it to be. The amount of loft from such a lightweight item is crazy."
Russell Hann


  • Offer price £219. Full retail price £285. Saving of £66
  • Ultralight 10X outer & inner fabric
  • Rare 950 fillpower European goose down
  • Stitch-through seams for lightness
  • Poncho slit:
    • Baffle cover
    • Stud closure
  • Stuff sac and storage bag supplied
  • Size 170cm x 115cm
  • Tie loops down each side
  • Packed size 13 x 21cm*
  • Navy blue colour

*Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the gear to the tightest minimum.


Part of the Midsummer Nights Collection. For June and July only, and at a never-to-be-repeated price.

​A simple multi-use piece: a down blanket, a down filler, a down half-bag, and even a down poncho.

  • Down Blanket: Wrap it round yourself, or double up to cover your legs. Use it as you like, it’s a great lightweight blanket.
  • Down filler:  A “filler” bag goes inside your normal sleeping bag to provide significant extra warmth by lofting into the spare space and cutting out convection currents. The down blanket can be utilised in this way for extra warmth when you most need it.
  • Down Halfbag:  Used doubled over and wrapped around the legs and feet, the Down Blanket works as a Pied d’Elephant or halfbag. 
  • Down Poncho: With a slit in the middle, the Down Blanket can be put over your head and worn as a poncho. Leave loose or tie with a piece of cord around the waist.

This Down Blanket was designed at the suggestion of Russell Hann. Russel suggested:

I would like a super superlight down blanket. It could be pretty small - just enough to be able to wrap around you on chilly nights and then take into your bag to move around as required for insulation. My legs sometimes get a bit chilly and I have often thought this would be a great multi use piece of insulation - I guess you could even put a slit in the middle of it enable you to put it over your head and wear it. Multi use - yes!

Ultralight 10X fabric (weight: 26 gsm)

10X, PHD's first 10 Denier Fabric. 9,000 metres of the yarn used to weave 10X weighs just 10g, that's about the same as a £1 coin! For all its thinness 10X is amazingly downproof and with reasonable care will go on giving you good service for years.

950 fillpower down

A newcomer to our range. European goose of rare quality. A high value alternative at the top levels of performance. More on our down insulation.

"I went out with it last night and it performed superbly. The temperature was about 10°C and I slept comfortably under the blanket wearing my running tights, a light fleece and my PHD Waferlite vest. The more I look at my wardrobe the more I see pieces of kit which could be replaced with the down blanket - it really can be any item of clothing you want it to be. I imagine it will be a real year-round addition to my pack - using it as my sole insulation on hot summer nights and additional insulation in winter. The amount of loft from such a lightweight item is crazy and I shall be taking it on many more trips..."
Russell Hann

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