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Summer Lightning 2018

Our Summer Lightning Collection, released in May & June each year, seizes on the potential offered by a new idea, a new approach, new materials or simply a twist in the way insulated gear can be used. Once we identify that potential, we follow the idea to its extreme. And then we build it.

You could be forgiven for thinking that innovation in sleeping bags was impossible now, that all the ideas have come and gone, that a sleeping bag couldn’t be improved upon. In fact, people have told us as much! Innovation is PHD’s thing though. More precisely, innovation in down sleeping bags and clothing is PHD’s thing. Within that focus, we’re free to think in whatever direction we choose, and given that freedom, innovations in the simple sleeping bag are indeed possible.

For 2018 our focus is on two key factors: weight reduction and increased flexibility. To reduce weight (and pack size), we've looked to our extremely light fabrics, 7X and Hypershell, along with our unique 1000 fillpower down. And for greater flexibility, we’ve taken a close look at the possibilities of "layering up" systems in sleeping bags, to take a new approach. 

All the products are offered here at a considerable discount from the full retail value, and if we do put any of them into our permanent range, it certainly won’t be at these prices! SummerLightning is a short-term opportunity to lay your hands on this unique kit.

The Triobag Down Sleeping Bag
An innovative bag with a unique, ultralight middle layer stitched in for temperature control. Sleep under or on top of the mid-layer for greater comfort in a wide range of temperatures.
from £534.00
'K Series' Yukon Hypershell Down Jacket
At 300g, the lightest Yukon Jacket ever made. A lightweight mountain down jacket, with box wall construction to take "warmth to weight" to the limit of possibilities.
from £399.00
Alpine Ultra Down Jacket 7X
The lightest and most packable Alpine Ultra Down Jacket ever made, using 1000 fillpower down and our 7-denier '7X' fabric. Only available May & June.
from £359.00
Superlight Combi (Sleeping bag and Overbag)
A Superlight inner bag with a Superlight Overbag: a superbly versatile, lightweight setup for use in temperatures of +5°C, 0°C and -15°C
from £835.00
Superlight Overbag
An incredibly lightweight Overbag, built to fit over our DYO Superlight, Ultra, Minimus and Minim 400 bags, boosting the warmth by 20°C.
from £466.00