Sleep systems

Toubkal Winter

The recommendations for Toubkal (in winter) use the lightweight Minimus sleeping bag for both Systems. In 'System 1' Alpine Ultra clothing offers -10°C warmth for daytime use and boosts nighttime performance to -6°C. In 'System 2' the addition of the Filler bag takes the nighttime rating down to -11°C.  

The Alpine Ultra jacket has been called ‘the perfect Alpine downie’, ultralight and good for -10°C (14°F) on the mountain, while the down trousers can transform your comfort in camp or hut. Wear this down gear at night inside the Minimus bag and you'll boost the bag’s performance from +5°C (41°F) to -6°C.
This system takes account of the varied sleeping accommodation on Toubkal – heated huts, unheated huts, or camping. Adding the Filler bag to System 1 increases the options to cover all of these, offering a temperature range from +5°C (41°F) through -5°C (23°F) down to -11°C. In the daytime the Alpine Ultra is a superb ultralight down jacket, while the down trousers will be welcome wherever you're based.