At PHD, we make our sleeping bags to order

And that means we make them the way you need them


Let’s look at what that means…

To begin with, we can make your bag longer, shorter, wider, slimmer:

We can make it FIT. And that’s very important.


Fit isn’t just about comfort

(although that is obviously important for a night’s sleep).

It’s about performance: a well fitted bag is a warm bag.


Simply put:

A sleeping bag is only as warm as you make it:

Too big and you can’t warm up all the empty space

Too small and you’ll squash it – there’s no space for trapping warm air.

That's why we make our bags in 16 different sizes.


What else?

Do you want a long zip?

A short zip to save weight?

No zip, to save even more?

Maybe just a short zip by your feet for venting?

On the left or the right?

Your choice.


And the fabric: as light as possible?

Or maybe something water resistant – for dew or dripping condensation?

Even completely waterproof, for the worst conditions?

Or maybe you just want to change the colour…

Again: your choice.


There are thousands of possible combinations

Just pick what you need.

But if you want something that’s not in the standard options, we can do that too.

Image © Marcus Baranow


Design your own

With Design Your Own Sleeping Bags, you choose a basic shape, set the warmth…

…then do as much or as little as you like!

Keep the defaults and make a few tweaks, or really go to town on it.


Whichever route you take, we’ll make the bag you need

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