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Omega Down Jacket

Down Quality: 800 down
Outer Fabric: HS2
Weight: 1450g (51oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: -55°C (-67°F)
Colour: Orange (HS2), Red (Tempest)
Construction: Shelled construction: complete weather protection from fully taped outer. Box-wall throughout - no stitch-through seams. Differential Cut allowing full down loft.
In orange HS2
In orange HS2

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The warmest piece of clothing we make: too warm in fact to be recommended for active wear even at very low temperatures. This down jacket is for conserving body heat when you need it most - when you are relatively immobile in extreme cold.

"I purchased an Omega jacket from PHD about two years ago, which I absolutely love!!!! It was perfect for my 7 week trip to Mt. Vinson and the South Pole"
Lance Metz

HS2 has now replaced Tempest as the standard outer fabric for the Omega Jacket, making it lighter, more waterproof and more breathable than before. Tempest remains an option for trips where extra durability is the most important factor.

As used by Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the first Trans-Antarctic Winter Expedition - the Coldest Journey, the BBC's Tribe team in Siberia, by the Ice Warrior team, and many others.

900 down option

This option reduces the weight of the Omega Down Jacket by 44gm, and adds 3° to the jacket's performance bringing the Typical Operating Temperature to -58°. Read more on our exceptional 900 down.

As used on The Coldest Journey on Earth

  • Front closure:
    • 2 way zip
    • Protected by double baffle with intermittment velcro
  • 5 pockets:
    • large handwarmer on each chest
    • Fleece-lined collar
    • storage pocket under front flap
    • 2 large water-bottle pockets inside: high position and easy entry
  • Hood:
    • large size with rear volume reducers
    • elastic face cord with cord end channels
    • peak
    • adjustable front velcro closure
    • zip on
  • Arms - all layers articulated at elbow
  • Elasticated waist and elasticated inner back for snug fit
  • Cuffs: velcro closure
  • Black inner for quick drying
  • Reflector tape on pockets and back of hood for night searches
  • Beard flap
  • Mitt attachments at wrist and chest
  • Stuff sac
  • Pack size: 25 x 44cm† 
  • Set options:
    • 900 down (3°C more insulation: 44gm lighter)
    • Tempest outer, 210g heavier (-£50)
    • Hood attachment (sewn on)
    • Velcro patches on chest to attach mitts for quick in-out usage

† Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the jacket to the tightest minimum. What air is left in the packed item will easily be compressed out of it, if you are squashing it into a small space in your rucsace. Tiny stuff sacs look impressive: but unless you are a sac-wrestling fan, fighting the gear into them day after day can be an unncecessary chore.

As used on The Coldest Journey on Earth

"I have recently purchased a 900 fill PHD Omega Jacket, and it's absolutely fantastic. HS2 fabric, feels like i'm wearing a pullover it's that light. The quality/finishing is out of this world and by God it's hot!!!!!" Lee Rawlins

"I purchased an Omega jacket from PHD about two years ago, which I absolutely love!!!! It was perfect for my 7 week trip to Mt. Vinson and the South Pole". Lance Metz

"The work that goes into something like this is immense, having seen the process and the methods of bringing the raw materials together to produce the finished item, it's actually rather inspiring." Petsey (a.k.a Peter Macfarlane)