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Minimus Down Vest

Down Quality: 800
Outer Fabric: M1 Microfibre
Weight: 240g (9oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: -5°C (23°F)
Colour: Red or black in M1 & Drishell; Black in MX
Construction: Stitch-through for lightness

Available Options:


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A pocket-sized bundle of warmth. Designed to fit into the smallest corner of your rucksack - if you ever take it off.

"I can't believe how light the item is in relation to the warmth it provides. A top product from a British manufacturer."
John Taylor

MX Outer Option

We are now offering the option of MX outers on the Minimus vest. This reduces the weight by about 14gm (0.5oz).

As used by Rosie Stancer, the Extreme South team, and many others.

  • Front closure: zipped with internal baffle
  • 3 pockets: 2 lower pockets; 1 inside for security
  • Lycra on hem and armholes
  • Stuff sac
  • Pack size: 10 x 18cm††
  • Fleece lined collar
  • Set options:
    • Wind and water resistant Drishell outer fabric: adds approx 15gm (0.5oz) to the weight
    • MX Outer

††Please note: we make our stuff sacs big enough to allow fairly easy stuffing rather than reducing the vest to the tightest minimum. What air is left in the packed item will easily be compressed out of it, if you are squashing it into a small space in your rucksack. Tiny stuff sacs look impressive: but unless you are a sac-wrestling fan, fighting the gear into them day after day can be an unnecessary chore.

"I recently bought a Minimus down vest for a 300 mile lightweight backpack in NW Scotland. It really was the star of the show. It was the only bit of warm clothing I took and all I needed. Despite the rain I wore it most of the day and although occasionally damp, it quickly dried out from body heat. The Drishell outer was very successful and I often wore it at night when it went down below freezing. It became my most useful bit of kit. Thanks again!"G.M.

"I have one of your Minimus vests and am astonished at how fantastic it is. It's as warm as the Rab summit that I was wearing last year, when I wear it under a wind proof. I can't get over the fact that I'm still warm in minus temperatures, without sleeves! Thank you so much!" T.T.

"The Minimus vest was the best thing I took to South America!" A. R.

"I recently ordered and received a Minimus down vest to replace an alternative mainstream brand. I can't believe how light the item is in relation to the warmth it provides. I am genuinely impressed by the workmanship (no loose threads etc.) and all of my friends who have tried it on have had that envious look in their eyes. I will definitely be buying more PHD kit in the future. A top product from a British manufacturer." John Taylor

"It is, genuinely, the item of clothing I most enjoy wearing - so light and comfortable that you forget you are wearing it, so warm for the weight that it will be a mainstay of your winter wardrobe and so compact that you can layer it in more extreme weather with another insulating layer and/or shell. . . . Like all PHD equipment, it is superbly well- made and excellent value for money." Mark Tointon.

"Thank you for the recent Minimus Jacket and Vest you sent so quickly - they are lovely items." R.L.

"Both the [Minimus] sleeping bag and [Minimus] vest are of superb quality and great value for money, wouldn't change them for anything, thanks for great products". R.M.

"I'm very impressed . . . down leakage . . . substantially lower than with products . . . by other manufacturers . . . I don't think I've lost any down from the vest, despite wearing it at least three days a week since I brought it. The cut is also excellent, and it's incredibly light for the weight it provides - it's become one of the three pieces of clothing I'll put in my bag whatever trip I'm going on. . . .I've recommended you to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so. Everyone should own a Minimus vest!" S.C.

"I've found this to be a great investment, indeed, it is in my pack whenever I am backpacking. The vest while being incredibly light (and packing down into an incredibly small size) is wonderfully warm. Whenever I'm camping you can be sure that the vest is with me. And it's pretty good for watching winter football matches as well!" Andy Howell.

"I have a Minimus vest which has proved a great piece of gear" Gordon Green.

"The Minimus vest is pretty damned good"M.T..

"Just received a Drishell Minimus down vest. It's the first time I've acquired some PHD gear and wow! I'm impressed...fantastic piece of gear. Superb value for money and great to see a British company still churning out first rate gear." K.N.

"I received two Minimus vests from you this Monday . . . the quality of the vests appears to be fantastic, as always with your down products!" R.F., Captain, Arctic Rangers Battalion, Swedish Army.

"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at PHD for turning my order around so quickly and efficiently. I'm very impressed with the Minimus vest. We haven't fully tested them in the field yet . . . but I'm sure they will be brilliant" A.G.

"I can't believe how light the Minimus down vest is ! Thanks." G.P.

"I have one of your fantastic down vests . . . [I'm] in danger of becoming a 'PHD pimp'!" B.B.

"I have been very impressed with the Minimus vest you made". N.J.

"A lovely, ridiculously lightweight vest; the lycra sleeve holes cut down the drafts, it packs away to the size of a tennis ball, and it weighs less than many fleeces. It's also pretty much waterproof, apart from the seams. I've used this vest a lot now, and it just gets more useful...the pure 800+ goose down is utter luxury. Highly recommended - as indeed are most PHD items I've seen or friends have used. Well worth the money, and a good chance to support someone who makes gear because he loves it, rather than to make money!" Ken Brockway on

"I have just taken delivery of the Minimus vest . . . and I am delighted. Everyone I asked was very enthusiastic about your products so I had high hopes, but the vest really does exceed them. A custom item could not fit better and the features and workmanship are top-notch. Many thanks to you and your team for your service and quality. All I need now is for the cold weather to hurry along". J.H.