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Single Ultra Quilt

Down Quality: 900
Outer Fabric: MX
Weight: 375g (13oz)
Colour: Black
Construction: Stitch-through for lightness
PHD Ultra Down Quilt
PHD Ultra Down Quilt

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A Superb Ultralight Single Quilt, made from PHD's highest quality down and one of our lightest fabrics. Featherweight on the bed at home: a wonderful lightweight way to add to your comfort in camp.


The single quilt is a versatile camp companion. Use it in place of a lightweight bag on summer nights or wrap it around you if you're sitting out. In colder weather it works as an extra layer to put over your sleeping bag at night. It's just about wide enough to cover two bags, even better if you turn the 210cm length into the width. However you want to use it, the side loops allow you to fix your own attachments to hold it in place.

The Footbag version (for an extra 27) does all that the normal quilt will do, but it has a footbag added specifically for outdoor use. This down-filled footbag is designed to slip your feet into on cold nights: it's easy to use and unobtrusive when not wanted (you can turn the quilt over to be sure). The Footbag option adds 35g (1oz) to the weight.

The double quilt offers the same range of possibilities to two people. The Footbag option is not available for the double.

At Home

This quilt is a new way to add extra warmth on your bed virtually without adding any weight. MX is 75% lighter than the cambric used to make ordinary quilts and 900 down is more than 50% loftier than the down in most 'pure down' quilts. So whether you want a quick boost for a chilly night or you just like the airy feeling of minimum weight over you at night, this Ultra Quilt offers a very different alternative to conventional quilts.

Note: This quilt has been designed to be as warm as possible for minimum weight. Being open, it is not possible to give it a temperature rating: but like our ultralight sleeping bags, when used on its own outdoors it is a summer item. If combined with a sleeping bag outdoors, or with other bedding at home, it can add significant extra warmth. On the bed at home the quilt's MX cover slides more easily than normal bedding fabrics. If you are not using a lightweight top sheet or cover, you may want to make use of the tie loops to ensure that the quilt stays in place.

  • Tie loops down each side
  • Size: 210cm x 146cm
  • Stuff sac: 13cm x 21cm
  • Option: footbag - adds 35g (1oz) 27

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