Custom-sized clothing

Let’s get straight to it: PROPER SIZING IS IMPORTANT!

That’s why all of our clothing is available with custom sizing

We make the lightest, warmest kit, with the very best goose down and cutting-edge fabrics.

And we make it all to order, in our workshop here in the UK.


Why is fit so important?

To be warm, it needs to fit.

How come?

Most obvious is coverage:

If it’s too short, you’re not covered. Exposed skin freezes.


It’s not just coverage though

Insulation traps body heat, and poor fit stops that working.

Too big and your body won’t heat all that extra space. And it’s baggy: cold air blows in, warm air drifts out.

Too tight and you squash the insulation, which means no room for warm air.

Well fitted is warm.


For you to move, it needs to fit.

Long legs and long sleeves get in the way.

Tight clothing restricts movement.

At best that’s uncomfortable and irritating…

…if you’re climbing it’s much more serious. And that’s not an option.


Don’t carry more than you need

With PHD, you’re getting the lightest, most packable gear possible…

…so don’t get something too big and too heavy: we can make it the right size.


If you’re a standard size, we can make standard sizes

But if you’re not…there’s no need to compromise:

No need for short jackets just because you’re tall & slim…

…no need for long trousers just because you’re short & broad.


Tall, short, long arms, short legs…it’s all OK.

We make everything to order.

Let us know what you need.


So, how does it work?

Find the garment you need (we can help with that, if you’re not sure)

Choose the size that fits across your body

Then make the body, the sleeves & the legs (if it has sleeves or legs) longer or shorter…

Then we’ll make it for you.
Photo: Phil Gradwell


“I’m between sizes, what do I pick?”

We can help with that too.

Start with our size chart to see what you need, but if you’re not sure, feel free to ask us!


It’s all done right here, in house.

Every single piece is made in our workshop in Manchester, by a team of experts who have outfitted expeditions to the highest, furthest, harshest places for decades…


…so if there’s something else that you need, please ask! If we put every possible thing on the website, it would get very confusing.

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