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When the going gets really tough

31 Jul 2018

Jackets for brave people in wet places.

There is a glamorous side to what we do: we can’t help but get a bit excited about supplying uniquely-crafted gear to high-profile expeditions! But that’s not all we’re about.

Anyone heading out into the mountains needs to have trust in their equipment, to know it’ll cope when the weather turns. But for those who deliberately head out in filthy, horrible conditions, maybe it’s even more important.

So we’re really very proud of this collection of gear you see right here, as it’s been chosen by Braemar Mountain Rescue Team.

Much of what we do is really lightweight down gear – down’s fantastic stuff – but there are times when it’s worth considering something else. Wet, horrible times when you really don’t want to be out, and if you were, your down jacket would get drenched and become useless.

Times in the mountains in Scotland, essentially.

And that’s what this little lot is all about: a consignment of 34 Epsilon Belay Jackets, heading for the Cairngorms. Synthetic Primaloft filling, waterproof fabric, helmet size hoods: we designed them for climbers in wild, unfriendly conditions. And those, unfortunately, are the sort of conditions that MRT folks have to contend with.

So big thanks go to Braemar MRT for choosing PHD gear, but of course, even bigger thanks for everything they do. If you want to make a donation, or just found out more about the team and what they do, you’ll find them at http://www.braemarmountainrescue.org.uk/

Braemar Mountain Rescue Team’s PHD Epsilon Belay Jackets packed ready to head off to the Cairngorms

Anyone heading out into the mountains needs to have trust in their equipment.
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