Design Your Own Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Ideal for lightweight backpacking, mountain marathons and trekking in all seasons. Just the essentials to keep you warm at minimum weight.
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Design Your Own Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Easy, quick, and fun to use ... very well-designed ... provides the opportunity for a customized bag that is exactly what you want.
Chris Townsend in



  • Temperature Range: from +6°C to -53°C (depends on your choice of down-fill)
  • Price range: £467 to over £2370 (depending on options selected)
  • Weight range: from 341g (12oz) to 3224g (114oz) depending on options selected
  • Box wall construction for maximum loft
  • 4 Outer fabric choices
  • 3 Inner fabric choices
  • Multiple zip options
  • 5 Length options
  • 4 Width options
  • Choose down stuff pattern (e.g. more down at the bag's base if you get cold feet)
  • Choose water-resistant inner panels to protect bag from damp at feet or around the head
  • Choose to add an internal security pocket
  • Choose an open hood, or a close-fitting mummy-style hood
  • Add a down-filled collar to cut out drafts
  • Add side block baffles to keep down above and below the body separate
  • Add a foot zip
  • and much more...



This is the most frequently selected design when saving weight is essential. For lightweight backpacking, for mountain marathons, for self-carry trekking, or as a just-in-case backup item, this style offers the luxury of carrying a really light pack.

The wide opening at the top means access is easy, but the hood and draw cord keep you snug and warm. When customised with the minimum amount of high quality down insulation this bag can keep you comfortable at temperatures well below zero, out-performing much heavier bags. You can adjust the insulation weight and many more options once you select this style.

Cut is close fitting. Standard size: chest circle approx 152cm; waist circle approx 134cm

Despite its economical pared down design this bag style also has an insulating straight wall baffle system throughout (no straight-through stitching). Straight wall is the lightest of all baffle systems.

"Easy, quick, and fun to use ... very well-designed ... provides the opportunity for a customized bag that is exactly what you want."
—Chris Townsend in

"Fantastic ... easy and fun to use ... well-thought out ... the range is enormous ... of value to everyone but particularly those who find standard sleeping bags the wrong shape or size."
—TGO Magazine

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new [Design-your-own] sleeping bag. I used it on the LAMM and I heard lots of people say next morning that they had been cold - and I was snuggly warm. I also had a tiny rucksack compared with my partner - thanks in large part to my ultra light (and gorgeous) sleeping bag."
—Kate O'Donoghue

"Just to say that we’ve been absolutely loving our DYO sleeping bags these past few months in New Zealand. Cannot fault them - absolutely wonderful and frankly I don't know why I would ever sleep in anything else ever again!"
—Vanessa Barnett

"The online option to design and order your own sleeping bag, with 17 different variables, is wonderful."
—Tim Jepson, The Sunday Telegraph

"Down-bag maker PHD ... will stitch a sleeper to match your idea of the perfect bag for your body and your wilderness sleeping plans."
—Outside Magazine

"I don't have to go to dozens of stores to find the perfect sleeping bag; I go to a PHD, where I can customize everything in a sleeping bag, down to the fill pattern and which side it zips open."
—Quinton Hamel, Credit Union Times

"[Yours] is the most awesome piece of 'Design your own sleeping bag' software that I've ever seen."

"Just been pointed to your website, looking for a decent sleeping bag for Aconcagua & Himalayas. Just wanted to say that i found the website in general and the design your own bag section in particular, to be fantastic. Have spent over an hour designing (& re-designing) a bag, and still trying to make my mind up, too much bloody choice ... ! Anyway, glad to see a British company making world class gear, keep up the good work."

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