From the very start, it’s always been about innovation.


The Minimus sleeping bags & clothing launched PHD back in 1998.

Truly revolutionary.

Honoured with a Millennium Award by the Design Council…

…and creating a whole new genre of lightweight down gear, now emulated worldwide.


It’s no surprise though. Innovation is woven into the very fabric of PHD:

Back in the ‘60s, Peter Hutchinson couldn’t find good enough gear, so he made his own.

He chatted to other climbers about what they needed…and made gear for them too.


After years in the outdoor business, that drive never left him, so Peter Hutchinson Designs was born.

Every piece was – and still is – made to order. When there’s a new idea, we can get straight to work on it: we can seize the opportunity to innovate.


We keep it small, we keep everything in-house – there are no shareholders to please – and we keep in close touch with climbers, athletes, explorers, backpackers.

All your stories, all your goals: fuel to drive innovation.


That fuel inspired the Hispar: the ultralight heart of the Minimus, but retuned for the mountains.


…and the M.Degree° racing bags: the very essence of lightweight minimalism.


It inspired our award-winning Sleep Systems framework, taking minimalism and versatility to previously impossible levels:

For example, you can now use a lightweight three-season bag for the high Himalayas…


It inspired the Expedition Double Suit: climbers told us about being stuck inside their summit suits …so we reimagined the concept, and changed the way people equip themselves for the biggest mountains.


And it keeps on inspiring.

There are billions of possibilities…and even that fact inspired another innovation:

Using our Design Your Own Sleeping Bags platform, we can guide you through those billions to your perfect bag.


And beyond that?

We'll continue to be inspired.

We'll continue to innovate.

Our unique Double Down Suit
Our Sleep Systems framework
Our M.Degree Down Sleeping bags
Design Your Own Sleeping Bag