Half Bags

Half-bags are back, and bang up-to-date

Half-bags (Pied d'elephant to oldies) are coming back. They've been out of fashion for a few years in the trend towards using lifts and huts to make quick comfortable ascents, when a bivouac was a mistake, not a plan.

But the logic behind half-bags is still valid. If you're wearing a warm jacket already, all you need to spend the night out is something to keep your legs warm and there's no lighter way to do that than to use a half-bag. Check out the weights of PHD's new half-bags and see for yourself.

  • When there's no hut in the right place for your climb, or it's full, or you just don't like the crush
  • When you want to wander along your GR, free to sleep inside or under the stars as the fancy takes you
  • When you want a lightweight backup in case weather, miscalculation or accident catch you out

...A half-bag is the lightest answer.

Half Bag Temp Rating (Camp) Temp Rating (Bivvy) Weight (Grams) Price
Wafer Half Bag 10°C 5°C to 0°C 165 £218.00
Alpine Ultra 3°C -10°C or lower 250 £226.00
Hispar Half Bag -7°C -15°C and -25° 350 £279.00
Xero Half Bag -30°C Down to -40°C 725 £383.00
Desert Race Half Bag 3°C n/a 240 £278.00
Zeta Half Bag 10°C Down to 5°C 395 £222.00