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Inside our factory

All our products are made in Cheshire, UK at our Stalybridge factory. Many of our employees have decades of hands-on experience:

Uniquely we have our own Lorch machine for testing the quality of our down. This photo shows the difference in loft between our 1000, 900, and 800 fill-power downs:

Every aspect of our products' design and production is carried out in the UK:

We have our own Computer Aided Design specialist, essential when we offer - literally - billions of different products via our Design Your Own Sleeping Bag and Custom Sized Clothing services:

We source as much of our materials and components as possible in Europe (more than 95% by bulk currently) and transport the minimum across the globe. Here our down supplier tests the down / feather ratio:

Using local people using traditional skills is not as cheap or as efficient as large-scale production in the Far East or Eastern Europe. But we feel there's a value in preserving and using the very real skill base which still remains in UK and we're happy to be part of it.