Sleep systems

Alps Summer

The three Systems we are suggesting for summer use in the Alps combine the Hispar 400 sleeping bag with variations on Alpine Ultra clothing. They are capable of boosting the performance of the Hispar bag from -9°C to up to -20°C if needed. The Alpine Ultra jacket in 'System 1' is paired with the halfbag as a bivvy option, while in 'System 2' it’s jacket and down trousers. 'System 3' introduces the Filler bag which opens up several new options. 

This is a flexible System, with special value if you’re climbing. The Alpine Ultra Jacket and Halfbag are ideal lightweight bivvy gear if you're going to spend nights away from camp, or simply want insurance on a climb. Back in camp they can be worn inside the Hispar 400 to boost its performance from -9°C right up to -20°C when you need it. So no worries about the weather turning cold – you’ll still sleep warm.
This system delivers great performance on the mountain and around camp as well as boosting the performance of the Hispar 400 from -9°C right up to -20°C if you need it. Don’t worry about the weather turning cold – you'll still sleep warm.
This is a multi-purpose system, offering a number of options in camp or on the mountain. When the weather's warm, the Filler can be used as a stand-alone bag for camp or bivvy. It also works as a bivvy option at lower temperatures with the Alpine Ultra jacket. And if nights in camp turn really cold, slip the Filler bag inside the Hispar 400 and it will boost performance from -9°C right up to -19°C.