Sleep systems


The two Systems shown for Elbrus are based on the Hispar 400 sleeping bag. 'System 1' adds Alpine Ultra clothing, offering daytime use down to -10°C and night-time performance down to -20°C. 'System 2' adds Yukon clothing, and is rated at -15°C for the day and -24°C at night. 

This system delivers great performance on the mountain and around camp as well as boosting the performance of the Hispar 400 from -9°C (15.8°F) right up to -20°C if you need it. Don't worry about the weather turning cold – you'll still sleep warm.
This system combines the superb Hispar 400 sleeping bag with the box-wall Yukon jacket. When the down clothing is worn inside the Hispar bag at night, it will boost the whole system to -24°C performance. On summit day the Yukon with its -15°C (5°F) rating offers a high level of protection if the weather turns bad, while the trousers will really show their worth in a cold camp.