Sleep systems


The two Systems recommended for Kilimanjaro combine the Hispar 500 sleeping bag with the added boost of down clothing. In 'System 1' the Yukon clothing offers daytime warmth down to -15°C and nighttime performance to -30°C. 'System 2' is a little warmer with the Rondoy clothing rated at -20°C for the daytime and the system at -33°C at night. 

This system combines the superb Hispar 500 sleeping bag with the box-wall Yukon jacket. Wearing the down clothing inside the Hispar bag at night will boost the whole system to -30°C, so no need to worry if the temperature drops. In the daytime the Yukon with its -15°C (5°F) rating offers full protection for the summit and you'll be glad of the trousers around camp if the weather's cold.
This system shows a warmer jacket than System 1. The lightweight Rondoy jacket is rated for -20°C (-4°F) daytime use, maybe a better choice for anyone unsure of their own reactions to the cold. At night, wear the down clothing inside the Hispar 500 and the combination will take care of temperatures right down to -33°C.