Sleep systems

Mid-Level Treks

Minus 5°C is about the coldest night you can expect on most mid-level treks, though it might dip lower. Both the Systems shown below will cope with this temperature with something to spare. They are based on the well-proven Minim 400 sleeping bag, a superb lightweight which gives -5°C performance at just 670g in its standard form and at an extraordinary 585g for the K model.         

The extra warmth in 'System 1' comes from Minimus clothing, a highly practical and flexible choice. In 'System 2' the Filler bag is used as the simplest lightest way to add 10°C to the performance of the Minim 400.

Warm days and snug nights without a big heavy sleeping bag. Link Minimus down clothing to the lightweight Minim 400 bag to form a PHD Sleep System and you can go to bed warm and get up warm. Sensible as well as simple.
The Filler bag is one of PHD's unique designs for Sleep Systems. It softly fills the spaces inside the main sleeping bag and increases the warmth by 10°C. A simple and effective booster at minimum weight.