Sleep systems

Mountain Racing

The three systems we are recommending here cover most UK races, with night-time temperatures ranging from +3°C for 'System 1' through to -7°C for 'System 3'. They are all based on our 330g Minim Ultra K Sleeping Bag.

Carry a real minimalist bag, but sleep warm by linking it to the superlight Wafer clothing. The Wafers will keep you warm around camp, then boost your bag's performance at night.
The Filler bag is one of PHD's unique designs for Sleep Systems. It softly fills the spaces inside the main sleeping bag and increases the warmth by 10°C. A simple and effective booster at minimum weight.
The Wafer gear will help to keep you warm around camp, then at night it joins the Filler bag as another booster inside the Ultra bag. The combination of these three down layers will give you a night-time performance of about -7°C, enough for most winter races in the UK.