Sleep systems

UK Winter Camp

The two systems we have included for UK winter camping are both based on our lightweight Minimus sleeping bag. But 'System 1' uses both down clothing and the Filler bag to boost night time performance down to -10°C, a combination that provides plenty of options throughout the year. 'System 2' is a simple winter solution, adding the Minim Overbag to give warmth down to -18°C.

The Minimus jacket is a great all-day warmer, while the down trousers can transform your comfort in and around camp. At night just slip the Filler bag inside the Minimus bag and keep the clothing on when you climb in. You’ve just made yourself a snug base down to -10°C.
Overbags are the big guns in Sleep Systems. PHD have a lot of experience with overbags, having made them for polar travel, high mountains and winter camping for years. As the name says, they fit over your main bag and greatly increase the warmth. In this system the Minim Overbag transforms the Minimus from +5°C performance all the way to -18°C.