Sleeping Bag Construction

Good design tends to look simple, although the concepts and their execution may be anything but. For example all PHD's Ultralight bags including the Minimus bag use a walled construction rather than the easier stitch-through, just to give that little bit of extra insulation at each box line.



Our Hispar bags have the same straight-wall baffles as the Ultralights. It is the lightest possible box-wall system, ideal when saving weight is the main objective.

The Baltoro, Diamir, and Xero ranges have a trapezoid baffle system, more complex in manufacture than most systems, but affording the best combination of excellent down control and light overall baffle weight. These are not the cheapest ways to construct bags, but when we have searched out the very best materials for PHD products, we take good care to maximise performance at make-up too. Nothing else makes sense.