Desert races

Marathon des SablesRoasting days and freezing nights: desert racing presents a very particular set of challenges! 

While the Marathon des Sables may be the most famous of the desert ultras, it’s certainly not the only one; the roster of extreme multi-day tests of endurance is truly global, and is growing.

Racing in 40°C heat – perhaps more – demands the lightest possible pack, but the need to stay warm for overnight recovery cannot be underestimated.

This Desert Racing kit list has been selected to meet exactly these requirements. We’ve consulted with race organisers, discussed details with veteran competitors, then used the lightest fabrics, the highest quality goose down and innovative construction techniques to deliver dependable warmth in the smallest, lightest bundle.

Down Sleeping Bag Selection

M.Degree° 200K (typical operating temperature: 4°C)
The lightest fabric we’ve ever used. The finest goose down available. But we wanted to make it even lighter: hybrid construction allows us to minimise fabric use and create a bag warm enough for desert nights, but weighing just 340g.

M.Degree° 300K (typical operating temperature: -3°C)
For those who sleep colder, the M.Degree° 300K adheres to the same principles as the 200K, delivering sub-zero performance at well under half a kilo.

M.Degree° 100K (typical operating temperature: 10°C)
A bag for warmer nights or warmer sleepers, for layering with insulated clothing, or for elite racers wanting the ultimate weight saving. How ultimate? Well, it’s only 240g…

Desert Race HDesert Race Half Bagalf Bag (typical operating temperature: 3°C)
Sleep in your warm jacket and you just need a half-length bag to cover your legs. That means your bag only weighs 240g but, twinned with our Ultra Pullover, it creates a 3°C Sleep System.
Desert Race Stuff-Sac
With a rucksack full of provisions at the start of the event, it’s often easier to strap your sleeping bag to the outside. So, we made the stuff-sac the racers asked us for: long, slim, and lined with attachment loops.

Down clothing

Wafer Ultima Pullover (typical operating temperature: 0°C)
The absolute essence of desert racing kit: warmth right down to freezing point, but small enough to fit in your pocket and weighing only 155g.
Wafer Ultima Down Jacket (typical operating temperature: 0°C)
With the convenience of a full length zip, this jacket packs into a tiny stuff sac and weighs in at only 185g.
Wafer Ultima Vest (typical operating temperature: 0°C)
The Wafer Ultima concept, stripped to the bare essentials: core warmth for zero degrees, a little over 100g.

Ultra Pullover (typical operating temperature: -5°C)
Perfect for pairing with the Desert Race Half Bag (above), this sub-zero smock is ideal for freezing evenings, mornings, and right through the night as half of your Sleep System. That’s a lot of warmth for 225g.