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Toilet Access on Suits

Each year we make high altitude Down Suits and Wind Suits for clients for the Himalayan trekking and mountaineering season. One of the most discussed options on Suits is "toilet access", and with a good chance of a very long summit day, it is important to plan well ahead! As well as low temperatures with the possibility of frost-nip, the difficulty is made worse by having to wear a harness all day.

We offer two alternatives for toilet access on our full body suits:

  1. Under & Up zip: The central front zip on the suit runs from the collar, down the front of the body, past the groin and then under and up to waist level at the back. A two-way zip allows access at any place.
  2. Rainbow Seat zip: A rainbow / semicircle zip is sewn in across the backside. A two-way zip allows access and creates a drop down flap.

We put the 'Under & Up' system on as standard now (with the exception of the Hispar Down Suit where a rainbow seat zip is standard).

Both systems are Simple, with low zip weight, and usable with harness on. Which is the most popular? ...... It is about evens, so the choice is up to you!

Rainbow ZipUp and Under System