What kind of zips does PHD use?

YKK Aquaseal zips — waterproof

Successfully used for years on dry suits and marine sportswear, these Aquaseal zips are the only fully waterproof zips we know light enough for clothing. No rain flaps are needed. Used on our Alpamayo shell gear. (Aquaseal are not the same as the commonly used YKK Aquaguard zips – see below.) 

Riri Aquazips — water-resistant

These are the best of the water-resistant zips. On raingear storm flaps are still needed, but Aquazips provide an extra line of proofing when driving rain is searching to penetrate your clothing. Used on our Alpamayo Jacket.

YKK Aquaguard zips — water-resistant

The lightest of the water-resistant zips. Used when lightness is more important than rain protection. Used as pit zips on our Alpamayo waterproof tops, and as fly zips on our Alpamayo waterproof bottoms.

YKK Moulded Member

A robust moulded zip chosen for heavy duty use in our serious mountain gear.

YKK Coil

A good easy-running coil zip.

  • We use No5 weight in our sleeping bags and most of our lighter clothing.
  • The No3 weight is reserved for our lightest gear.