Pete Elliott winter camping in the Grampians

Sleep System Used: Minimus sleeping bag + Alpine Ultra Jacket + Filler Bag + Alpine Ultra Halfbag   
Full System Sleep Rating: -11°C


Mountaineering in the Grampians, Scotland

Our MD, Peter Elliott, has been wild-camping in Scotland’s Grampian Mountains. With temperatures in the tent getting down to -4°C, the trip was a good test of a Sleep System designed for well below freezing.

Pete took a summer sleeping bag rated for +5°C ( the Minimus) and a winter down jacket (the Alpine Ultra). All he needed to add for this winter mountain trip was a Filler bag and an Alpine Ultra Half bag.

This set him up with a Sleep System that could cope with temperatures down to -11°C. 

We'll let Pete take over the story here:


"We wild-camped at the base of Ben Alder. Temperatures remained well below freezing with snow between 2 inches and 2 feet deep. A steady breeze of around 8 mph gave a severe wind-chill.

Arriving an hour before dusk, we had time to pitch, sort and brew up before the darkness and severe wind-chill made us to retreat to the tent.

Sitting inside, the Alpine Ultra Jacket and Halfbag did a good job of keeping me comfortable whilst making several brews and cooking a meal. Not as comfortable as down trousers and socks, but I was happy how the system kept me warm.

We retreated into our full sleeping bags at around 9:00pm. A couple of thoughts immediately came from my choice of Sleep System:

  • A Halfbag is definitely not as easy as down trousers for getting in and out of a sleeping bag and, of-course, not as convenient for wearing around camp. But a half bag for a planned bivi is lighter and more compact than down trousers and down socks.
  • The combination of Filler and Halfbag with a down jacket definitely requires enough space to achieve full lofting. For example, if you were using the loftier Yukon clothing, you would need a wide main bag and Filler.
  • The summer-weight ground insulation mat (a Thermarest NeoAir Xlite) was not warm enough for full winter camping. These conditions really require two mats or one four season mat."

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