Pete Elliott winter camping in the Lake District

Sleep System Used:   Minimus sleeping bag + Ultra Down Jacket + Minimus Down Trousers + Minimus Down Socks  
Full System Sleep Rating:   -5°C


Winter Camping in Langdale, the Lake District, UK

Our own Peter Elliott has been out camping in the Lake District's first snows. With temperatures in the tent getting down to 0.5°C, the trip was a good test of a Sleep System designed for zero degrees and below.

Pete took a summer sleeping bag rated for +5°C (the Minimus) and a winter down jacket (the Ultra). All he needed to add for this winter mountain trip was a pair of Minimus Down Trousers and a pair of Minimus Down Socks.

This set him up with a Sleep System that could cope with temperatures down to -5°C. 

We'll let Pete take over the story here:


"Once the tent was up, I changed out of my damp kit and got my down jacket, trousers, and socks on. 

Wearing down clothing until striking camp next day was just fantastic. No cooling down, no shivers, no chilly exit from my sleeping bag in the middle of the night for a call of nature.

“The Minimus Down Socks were amazing. Two lovely warm feet all night long. Luxury.

It figures I guess: you’re wearing a sleeping bag. It’s wonderful, and then when I did get into my Minimus sleeping bag I was all set to have a comfy warm night."

Pete appreciated the Drishell fabric of the sleeping bag, which kept the bag protected from the “pretty bad” condensation on the one man tent and the snow that Pete traipsed in. For even more protection, consider a Sleeping Bag Cover.

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