It's worth the wait

Our workshop in Manchester, England is renowned worldwide by mountaineers and adventurers for making exceptionally high-quality, warm and light down sleeping bags and clothing for use in the truly remote places of the world. Individually handmade to order, each piece of equipment is painstakingly constructed for our clients with exceptional skill and care.

It takes time to make quality gear of this standard: usually 3 to 4 weeks. The more complex manufacture of our ‘Design Your Own Sleeping Bags’ and ‘Custom Sized Clothing’ usually takes a couple of weeks longer.

Planning of expeditions often starts months, or even years, in advance. The choice of objective, training, fund-raising, and planning all need careful attention. So too does the time it takes to have the right equipment made for your expedition.

Please let the PHD team know, well in advance, what you want us to make for your expedition. We look forward to it!

Our advice: order early!

Inside our factory