Xero one-piece wind shell suit

A high-altitude oversuit to cover expedition clothing and totally block the fierce summit winds. Now also available in custom sizes.
For clothing, weight is for size: M. For sleeping bags, weight changes with selected length/width. N.B. there may be some variation in the weights of finished products.
920g / 32oz
Xero one-piece wind shell suit

My PHD wind suit is brilliant and I have used it so much.
Adele Pennington, the first British woman to climb Everest twice.



  • Water-resistant Ultrashell fabric with tough waterproof Tempest fabric reinforcement
  • Unlined & Untaped for lightness. 100% wind proof
  • 4 pockets:
    • 2 large hand-warmer on the chest
    • 2 inner water-bottle pockets with elasticated top entry
  • Front zip
    • 2 way, 'under and up' through crotch and up back for toilet access
    • double baffle with full Velcro closure
  • Short Side zips: ankle to knee
  • Hood:
    • large size with rear volume reducer
    • elastic face cord with cord end channels
    • adjustable front Velcro closure
    • wired peak
    • sewn on
  • Arms and knees articulated
  • Ankle reinforcement patches
  • Elasticated waist and back for snug fit
  • Internal braces - adjustable for varied clothing - removable
  • Cuffs: knitted cuffs
  • Reflector tape for night searches
  • Beard flap
  • Mitt attachment loops at chest
  • Set Options:
    • Down fit – full size to cover down gear (e.g. down suit)
    • Fleece fit – slimmer fit to cover fleece/pile etc.
    • Quick-use mitt attachments - Velcro patches on chest
    • Pit zips
    • Rainbow seat zip as alternative for toilet use


An over-suit designed as the top layer for full expedition clothing, with a wide cut to fit over down garments (also available in narrower, 'fleece-fit'). The unlined and un-taped Xero is the lightweight answer to the most insidious enemy in Arctic regions and at high altitude – the wind.

A formidable list of technical specifications includes: 4 pockets, double baffle, articulated arms and knees, reflector tape for night searches, mitt attachment loops, ankle reinforcement patches, and much more.

For the more complete protection offered by taped seams and a heavier fabric see the Omega Shell Suit.

As used by Kenton Cool, the EverestMax team, the Extreme South team, and many others.

Available in two cuts:

  • Down fit – full size to cover down gear (e.g. down suit)
  • Fleece fit – slimmer fit to cover fleece/pile etc.

Note: The proofing on Ultrashell is extremely light and in an unlined garment like the Xero shell it may be affected by prolonged abrasion, resulting in some lessening of the fabric's wind-proof qualities.

Also available in custom sizes. We make clothing to order, so if you’re not a standard size we can make it to fit. To order a non-standard custom size, select the Custom Sizing tab and choose the body width, body length, inside leg and arm length sizes that work for you. A custom size takes us a little longer (typically two weeks longer) to make and, because it’s personalized, it’s non-returnable and our customer loyalty scheme can’t be applied.


Toilet access on suits

  • Under & Up zip: The central front zip on the suit runs from the collar, down the front of the body, past the groin and then under and up to waist level at the back. A two-way zip allows access at any place.
  • Rainbow Seat zip: A rainbow / semicircle zip is sewn in across the backside. A two-way zip allows access and creates a drop down flap.
More on toilet access.

Ultrashell (weight: 40 gsm)

One of the lightest of PHD's coated materials. This ripstop nylon provides complete wind block and good water resistance at minimal weight. Ultrashell gives an excellent upgrade to performance with very little weight penalty.

Tough waterproof Tempest outer fabric (weight: 160 gsm)

A technically advanced waterproof breathable material. 100% Nylon. Good abrasion and tear resistance, yet offering high flexibility for such a tough material.

"My PHD wind suit is brilliant and I have used it so much."
Adele Pennington, the first British woman to climb Everest twice.

"I went to Everest as leader of Jagged Globes' North Ridge Expedition; this expedition included Sir Ranulph Fiennes who I believe you also supplied with down gear. The expedition was successful in placing six out of nine clients on the top ... [The] wind-suit [you made] to wear on Everest ... worked perfectly and I will be using [it] again."
Neal Short.

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