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"Peter Hutchinson makes probably the best down gear in the world and his Xero jacket and Zeta pants have kept me happy (well as much as you can expect to be) deep into the minus 40 degrees." Nick Lewis, Climb Magazine.

"Using PHD gear has been a voyage of discovery for me, lighter than anything else I've used" Peter McFarlane, a.k.a 'Petesy'

"PHD are at the forefront of down clothing technology. I researched long and hard before deciding what to buy, and this firm is world class". Lord Forsyth, former Secretary of State for Scotland.

"Thank you very much for clearly describing most things that need to be taken into account when assessing what gear to buy and for clearly and honestly explaining that there is no 'one size fits all' scenario or piece of kit that one can buy for a particular job. Thank you also for having the honesty and integrity to not shy away from this fact. You can teach a lot to others in how to be honest and up-front with people when they are deciding on what to buy. However to be fair, absolute honest and concise information in this case is quite literally life deciding. Again, I thank you for your help and information, without it I may well have made some crucial mistakes. It is indeed good to learn from professionals who have obviously been there, got the T-shirt and the badge. Long may you be in business and be very successful and enjoy what you do." Geoff B.

"PHD . . . make fantastic hooded down jackets that provide huge levels of protection" Andy Kirkpatrick

"These are the best down jackets and sleeping bags you can buy" The Daily Telegraph

"It might be one of the little guys but PHD's reputation is undoubtedly global, its profile at the very top of the outdoor equipment pile." TGO Magazine

"Research and recommendations has indicated that your clothing and sleeping systems are probably the best available" Ian Couch - member of Endure Team - Greenland Crossing

"Last year I was a member of the Imperial College Chogolisa student expedition. The products we were able to buy from you were invaluable on our expedition". Ben Withers.

"I have always summited in PHD garments - Omega gloves & down suit (Cho Oyu & Everest), Xero downsuit 800 fill (Everest), Xero Down Jacket and Salopettes (Denali). Last autumn I guided 2 people to the summit of Cho Oyu and this spring I am guiding on Everest and hopefully summiting Lhotse too. I have been so impressed by all your gear." Rob Casserley.

"My name is Ray Zahab, I am and Adventure Runner living in Canada. I have used your products for the past few years, most recently in our expedition across the Sahara I wore my favourite PHD down sweater. Jacob Nielsen first introduced me to your products, and I have won some of the toughest races in the world using your products." Ray Zahab

"My name is Graeme Scott and I'm based in Dumfries, Scotland. I am a freelance outdoor instructor, adventurer and UK 's only professional sled dog racer. Having been in the mountains for the past 25 yrs there seems no better clothing to me than PHD." Graeme Scott

"I've had one of your jackets for 11 years now, best bit of kit I ever bought." Steve F

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new sleeping bag. I used it on the LAMM and I heard lots of people say next morning that they had been cold - and I was snuggly warm. I also had a tiny rucksack compared with my partner - thanks in large part to my ultra light (and gorgeous) sleeping bag. Thank you also for getting it to me so promptly: Next time I need a down product, I will go to your website first, and I will tell all my friends!" Kate O'Donoghue

"I work for [an outdoor retailer] and am currently in the market for a new sleeping bag for use in Scottish winter. We stock all the usual suspects but they just don't look nearly as good as some of the kit your producing." Anonymous, Scotland.

“We’ve had simply EPIC experiences with your down gear over the last few years. You are our only choice for down gear now. We have thoroughly abused everything of yours and are yet to have it fail.” Arion Wood

"The Design Your Own Bag application is easy, quick, and fun to use. All the options are clearly explained, as are the relationships between them when necessary (such as having to have a zipper with a mummy hood). Being able to see how changes affect the weight, temperature rating, and price of the bag, plus the choices you have made, means you are always fully in control of the process and can change any option at any point. This is a very well-designed program. Of course there are many good off the shelf sleeping bags, including those from PHD, and most people find one of these fine. However Design Your Bag provides the opportunity for a customized bag that is exactly what you want and which can solve problems of size for those who don't fit off the shelf bags. I think it's excellent." Chris Townsend in

"Many thanks for providing me with such a wonderful jacket. It's the best. It did exactly what you said it would - extra lightweight, without loosing out on fantastic warmth. Others on the trek all took down your details they were so impressed. I also let them know that, apart from a great jacket, you also provide personal and professional service." K.M., Edinburgh.

"Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service. The Drishell Minimus jacket and hood arrived today - and appears to be everything you promised. I just wish I had ordered a vest as well. I recommended you to the friend who is also singing your praises. Please will you thank everyone at PHD who helped". P.G.

"Just a note to say my Minimus jacket arrived this morning just in time for Liverpool's first real cold snap. Fantastic customer service. Why cant all British companies be like you ??? I'ts SOOOO nice to wear my favourite bit of kit again."C.S.

"Over the years I have used many of your products from sleeping bags to jackets all of which have been fantastic." Mimi Anderson.

"I climbed Spantik in July with Simon Yates who had some of the PHD stuff so I have just bought a couple of their inimus vests and the quality is stunning. PHD['s] . . . materials are the best you can get, the stitching is dead straight and even. With the **** stuff having gone downhill rapidly since it was sold and being made in the Far East. PHD must be one of the few genuine British manufacturers." I.S.

"Many, many thanks - your gear is superb and the service almost unbelievable!" Rob D.

"Peter Hutchinson is not the only person who is passionate about his products. His staff are too". Jeremy Hastings, Islay Bushcraft.

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL 5 members of our team reached the Summit of Cho Oyo (8201m). I wore my PHD Xero Down suit with 800 fill and Omega Down Gloves on the summit day and they were fantastic, the temp was -25C on the summit with a brisk 20-25 knot westerly wind, and I remained cosy warm for the 13 hours it took to get from camp 2 (7200m) to the summit and back down to camp 2. Another member of the team wore a PHD Xero Down Jacket and Salopettes and he too was comfortable and impressed. Thanks for the great gear". 'Lanx', Equipment manager, UK Reserve Forces Seven Summits team.

"I am very pleased that we will be using what I firmly believe to be the best down equipment available." Toby Williams, team member ExtremeSouth expedition, aiming to be the youngest British person to the south pole.

"Royal Marine Commandos love using PHD equipment as it is high spec and doesn't fail." A Sergeant in 45 Commando Royal Marines.

"A special thanks for supplying wonderful down cold weather gear". Rosie Swale-Pope

"My first impression of the bag: Great! Thanks for your support and keep on making high quality stuff." U.G., Karlsruhe, Germany.

"Superb lightweight warm clothing." Jeremy Hastings, Islay Bushcraft

"We . . . have been impressed by your products. . . . The Omega suit is fantastic and a perfect fit." 'Lanx', 'Equipment buyer', UK Reserve Forces Seven Summits team.

"I thought I let you know that the down suit that I purchased from you worked well on both Broad Peak and K2. I slept above 7000m on Broad Peak in the down suit and without sleeping bag. . . . I look forward to trying the suit again. many thanks." Matthew Gardiner.

"Bought a jacket and sleeping bag off you, which performed wonderfully in the Everest region (bivouacked in just the sleeping bag at 5400m! snug as a bug)." Adam Crofts.

"My [Minimus down sleeping] bag arrived today - can't wait to use it. great service." Paul Francis, Australia.

"I would like to thank you very much for your prompt service." Tony Bouwmeester.

"The expedition went very well. The summit [Cho Oyo - 8,201m] was magic! Your suits were the best, and we were happy to have them." Remco Berendsen, Netherlands.

"Thank you for great products!" Magnus Carlsson, Sweden.

"Thank you for getting my sleeping bag delivered before my trip. I'm really pleased with it, it's excellent value for money and you deliver a first rate and personal service. Thanks again". Andrew.

"Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with my new gear. All I need now is some colder weather in order to enjoy my jacket and bag. Thanks again, for your superb items." Wayne.

"My girlfriend ordered a Minimus Vest and Jacket with Drishell some weeks ago. We are really impressed!" T.S., Germany.

"[My PHD sleeping bag is] my favourite piece of gear!" C.K.

"Thanks for the speedy delivery of my Minimus jacket. It is every bit as good as the product information said it was. A great product!!!!" D.M.

"I've snatched my friend's PHD down jacket on several belays, and almost refused to give it back!" P.W.

"I recently purchased a sleeping bag and down jacket from you, and thought I would drop you a line and thank you, I am extremely impressed with both products, both absolutely top quality!" Richard McCort.

"I have just completed a TGO Challenge, coast-to-coast, crossing Scotland with my Minimus bag. The bag performed superbly, easily coping with temperatures that were nudging towards zero. A very impressive - and very light - piece of kit. Thanks a lot." Andy Howell.

"[Yours] is the most awesome piece of 'Design your own sleeping bag' software that I've ever seen." Howard.

"Many thanks for your excellent gear that you supplied me for the Yukon Arctic Ultra. [It] performed perfectly in temperatures down to -35c. The light weight and small size was also a huge help and helped me gain second place in the race. I . . . am now the second fastest person over the course and the fastest European." Dr Stuart Gillet.

"Just a note to thank you for your superb service: Great website, Keen prices, Efficient email confirmations, Fast delivery. The Minimus vest is pretty damned good too - arrived today 4 days after ordering - very impressive!" M.T.

I am VERY pleased with [my DYO sleeping bag]-hence my new order for a Minimus jacket. Great kit!! M.C.

"The quality of your down products is extraordinary and I'm looking forward to using them during the expedition [to Nepal]". Dr Reinhold Loos.

"The artic air has not, yet, hit! But when it does, you can just imagine two kiwis in Canada with huge smiles on their faces...thanks to you! We will tell all our friends about your company . . . and when they see how warm we are, we hope this translates into some more Canadian sales for you". A.D.

"I have just come back from Chile, where I climbed Ojos Del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world (6893m). [I was] wearing an Alpamayo jacket and salopettes.... All the equipment I bought from you worked fantastically well, and I have recommended your gear to anyone who will listen". R.M.

"I have just returned from Austria and would like to report back that the special Minim 1000 sleeping bag and Yukon down jacket were absolutely perfect. We experienced -26C and I was still toasty warm. In fact every one else there was so impressed that they were wanting similar kit." S.G.

"I think your products are great. I am looking at buying a down suit [for] Peak Lenin and Cho Oyo this September and Phd outclass the rest. You have a great company much success to you all". K.L.

"Just a quick note to than you for the prompt delivery of my Rondoy down jacket. Presently close to Nurnberg and the temperature is -10C and with only a base layer feeling very smug and snug with a great purchase. Thanks again". R.E.

"Just a short note to thank you for making my Xero down jacket in super quick time. I am over the moon with it. What a pleasure to buy from committed experts. Never again the usual naff US brands where everyone knows they are made to far eastern specifications, in other words a cheaply as possible". P.S.

"Many thanks for the mitts -- they feel great . . . once again thank you to all the staff at PHD for going that extra mile in customer service". A.F.

"I have just ordered a Minimus vest for my boyfriend. [If it doesn’t get here] in time for Christmas and it fits me, [I might] lose the boyfriend and keep the vest for myself- your stuff is amazing! [I] Like Rab [very] much, but PHD takes the golden globe... Keep up the good work and [I] will definitely be online to get my own gear for the Alps this year". Anon.

"I went to Everest as leader of Jagged Globe's North Ridge Expedition; this expedition included Sir Ranulph Fiennes who I believe you also supplied with down gear. You may already know that the expedition was successful in placing six out of nine clients on the top with myself also summiting. . . . [The] down suitwindsuit & booties [you made] to wear on Everest . . . worked perfectly and will be using [them] again". N.S.

"Just back from the Alps and the gear is here. Very nice. . . . Very impressed with the jacket and sleeping bag" S.M.

"We were so impressed with your clothing that we couldn't see ourselves standing out in the field working dogs in anything but one of your jackets. Our climbing friends will be envious!" A.D.

"The sleeping bag is the dog's bo**ocks. It's fantastic". M.B.

"Just been pointed to your website, looking for a decent sleeping bag for Aconcagua & Himalayas. Just wanted to say that i found the website in general and the design your own bag section in particular, to be fantastic. Have spent over an hour designing (& re-designing) a bag, and still trying to make my mind up, too much bloody choice.... ! Anyway, glad to see a British company making world class gear, keep up the good work." W.E.

"[I] really like the flexibility and build quality of your products. Really refreshing to see these days, when mass market seems to be at the expense of quality and products that do the job!" M.R.

"For the last few years I have been working on expeditions to Everest, Cho Oyu and Ama Dablam. This last spring I was with R.C and M.D on Everest. They were both wearing PHD equipment and I was very impressed." T.C.

"The quality of the vests appears to be fantastic, as always with your down products! (I have a sleeping bag, a pulloverboots and mitts already and I love them)!!! Thanks!" R.F., Arctic Rangers Battalion, Sweden.

"Thanks for your prompt service. I have one of your fantastic down vests and gave one to my brother-in-law in NZ a couple of years back, and after seeing the vest, two of my friends have both bought XL Minim bags for mountain marathon use. I'm in danger of becoming a 'PHD pimp'!" Ben.

"I am a proud owner of a PHD jacket which I am very fond of. I had it with me on my last trip to Elbrus and it worked perfectly!!!" R.C. Norway.

"Thanks for the down jackets, we used them on the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon and they were great". Steve.

"I have just received my down jacket and I am really delighted with it. The fit is excellent, I was concerned that the sleeves might be short because it was extra small but they are just right. Thank you very much for the personal service you provided, it has made all the difference and I will certainly recommend your company to fellow trekkers. Cheers!" Carole.

"I have just taken delivery of the Minimus vest I ordered from your company a few weeks ago, and I am delighted. Everyone I asked was very enthusiastic about your products so I had high hopes, but the vest really does exceed them. A custom item could not fit better and the features and workmanship are top-notch. Many thanks to you and your team for your service and quality". J.H.

"We've received the special double sleeping bag you've made for us and we're delighted! It looks great and the weight is under the 1.5 kg we'd hoped for. It seems to be a lovely thickness and we have high hopes that it will be warm enough for our expeditions. Thanks again for delivering on time - and good luck with your business. You can be sure that we'll be talking to our friends about your work". A.W.

"Just wanted to thank you for repairing my Minimus sleeping bag and the way you dealt with my request.I had never purchased anything from you company before but would not hesitate to do so again in the future, it is a very good product with an after sales service to envy rest assured I will let all my friends and colleagues know the quality of your company. Thanks again". Paul.

"I just wanted to say thank you to you to everyone at PHD for turning my order around so quickly and efficiently. I'm very impressed with the Minimus vests and sleeping bags. I'm sure they will be brilliant. Thanks again". A.G.

"Thank you; my sleeping bag which I purchased from you 1 year ago is great . . . ". R.A.

"I have been through the internet sites of many down garment and bag suppliers worldwide, from those 'global player', bull-shit 'multinational' and mostly cowboy companies to the classic 'le meilleur du monde' Frenchies, the innovative Czechs, the on-order manufacturer of Seattle, the other 'made in England' competitor, etc. etc. And you are the most dedicated, informative, mountaineer-minded. If I finally head out on expeditions, I will buy from you guys. Keep up the great work, and Good luck in this wild world of business! A 3rd division transcontinental mountaineer". A.K.